We’re a podcast production agency, which is (1) a great alliteration, and (2) a fancy way of saying: we’re who you go to when you want to engage your modern audience. And how to do it in a way that is less vacuous flop and more creative genius.

We’re just a team of creative thinkers with a passion for sparking conversations. The important kind.

Our Mission

To lead clients from initial idea to polished and celebrated podcast by creating content that shares valuable knowledge, empowers audiences, and starts conversations that matter. We believe everyone can benefit from listening, and sharing.

Our Founder

Michelle Akhidenor is the creative tour-de-force and founder behind The Peers Project. Her vivacious energy, entrepreneurial spirit, and progressive way of thinking has led her to boldly say no, thank you to traditional, unfulfilling office jobs, and to instead forge a path her very own.