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Whether you’re running your own ship or working for someone else, if you’re feeling lost and overwhelmed on the path that you’re on, The Peers Project is here to help.

Where are you on your journey?

Option 1.

I feel completely lost and I’m not excited about where I’m headed.

Option 2.

I hate my job but don’t know what else I’d do.

Option 3.

I feel unaligned with my business and I’m starting to not enjoy it.

The Podcast

The Peers Project podcast features inspirational, insightful and thought-provoking conversations with some of the worlds’ most impressive millennial entrepreneurs. From Forbes 30 Under 30 listees to Shark Tank participants and TEDx speakers, these millennial pioneers are the perfect example of the value of gaining clarity and aligning with individual passion in order to achieve meaningful success.

“I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Michelle’s the Peers Project podcast. Michelle has navigated the world, interviewing top business minds including Forbes 30 Under 30 listees in London and NYC. It is her unique, passionate and insightful line of questioning that makes her podcast really interesting! I look forward to seeing where she takes it, and the impact she’s making as a millennial coach.”

Adam Stone, Speedlancer – Forbes 30 Under 30, Melbourne

“Had such an amazing interview with the lovely Michelle. Michelle is the founder of an outstanding podcast that features interviews of trailblazing millennials and some of the Forbes 30 Under 30 nominees! Beyond humbled to be a part of your powerful line up.”

Brittany Garth, Dimensioned Wellness – Top 50 Social Influencer, (Cosmopolitan Magazine) Washington D.C.

“Speaking with Michelle on The Peers Project was a great experience to reflect on and share the decisions that help build who you are and make that peer-to-peer mentoring scalable. Gaining and giving these different perspectives is key – and entertaining.”

Gemma Sole, Nineteenth Amendment – Forbes 30 Under 30, New York

“Michelle’s energy and enthusiasm was amazing! The Peers Project has such a relevant and interesting positioning and it was a pleasure to be part of it. Can’t wait to see who she has on next!”

Joe Benn, Ugly Drinks, London

“It’s always humbling, and a pleasure to be asked to feature in any interviews, such as the Peers Project podcast. Being included in what is clearly becoming a much-loved piece of content for many (including me) is always an honour. Exploring the journey so far with Michelle, was super enjoyable and I hope everyone enjoys listening to it!”

Ash Phillips, Yena – TEDx Speaker, Bristol

“Michelle and I had a great interview where we touched on a variety of topics from our competitive differentiation, to both my personal and entrepreneurial journey. I appreciate the opportunity to share my story and insights from multiple approaches and dimensions.”

Zion Kim, 99Robots, New Jersey

“The Peers Project cuts deep to the core of what motivates us as entrepreneurs to do what we do and spend our time the way we spend it. My experience on the show and speaking with Michelle was truly inspiring.”

Blake Engelhard, Brush On Smile, New York

“My experience with the Peers Project was absolutely incredible. Michelle is a motivated and driven individual who wants to change the world and I have no doubt in my mind that will happen.”

John Logan, The New England Patriots Magician – TEDx Speaker, Boston

Podcast Episodes

  • So many of us are so terrified of failure that we avoid any possibility of risk and adventure. We squash life-changing ideas that come to our heads because we’re scared of taking a risk.We ignore

  • We are all born with a survival mentality.From an evolutionary perspective, we are wired to seek out the things that bring us the most safety and comfort.So it’s only logical that as we grow up,

  • Most of us are determined to pursue existing opportunities to advance our goals. We endure our 3+ year degrees only to join the rest of the graduates desperately scrolling through to find any job

  • So many of us buy into restrictive beliefs. We justify to ourselves that we must wait until we’re ‘ready’ before we pursue our passion. But as our guest today reveals, some opportunities just can’t wait.

  • So many of us have forgotten what it’s like to be curious. We believe that it’s a sentiment only limited to childhood and we’ve forgotten what it’s like to learn and explore because we want

  • Society has always taught us the value of having high expectations. We expect that if we work hard, we’ll be successful. We expect that we’ll finally be happy once we receive a promotion or earn

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