I’ve had the unique opportunity to spend the last ten years travelling the world.
I have lived and studied across three continents in France, China, Australia and the UK, and while I am of Nigerian and Greek heritage, I am fluent in both French and Chinese (Mandarin).
Travelling and being exposed to foreign languages and unique cultures has been the source of a significant amount of personal and professional growth.
I have been pushed out of my comfort zone more times than I can count and I have learnt to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.
Even so, in early 2017 I found myself becoming confined by the expectations that society had placed upon me.
I felt extreme pressure to fit a certain mould and pursue a traditional career in a field that people around me considered desirable.
I was afraid that if I did not conform to expectations I would be judged and was unsure how I would answer questions like:

“But what do you mean you’re not going to get a corporate job?”

 “Haven’t you been studying for five years to start out on this career path?”

What are you going to do if you don’t do this?”

I was confused, lost and overwhelmed, and desperate to find some sort of clarity and direction.
Unfortunately, nothing I stumbled across online helped and I continued to be confused as to where and who to turn to for guidance.
When I came across the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for the first time, the young entrepreneurs on that list gave me the courage and inspiration I needed to break free, find clarity and align with my passion.
Since then I have been on a powerful journey – becoming the founder of a global podcast, interviewing some of the worlds’ most outstanding millennial entrepreneurs, running my first business while living overseas, and recently, launching my coaching practice where I help people like you gain clarity and align with your passion.
Be it through working with me or gaining inspiration from my podcast guests, the Peers Project is here to challenge your assumptions and help you map out the rewarding career and lifestyle that you deserve.
I’ll see you on the inside,
Michelle x

“Prior to working with Michelle, I was lost and overwhelmed with my business but now, I have clarity and have figured out where my alignment comes, and know what I need to do to achieve it.”


“If you’re not enjoying your career or job at the moment and you’re wanting to seek something that you’re really passionate about, I suggest working with Michelle. She’ll provide you with the interest, the spark and the passion you’re seeking.”


“Working with Michelle literally changed my life. I’m in a completely different place now to where I was two months ago!”


“I can never properly thank Michelle for the role she played in shaping my future, but I’m hoping a signed copy of my first bestseller might help (hey, it could happen… anything is possible!).”


“Before working with Michelle, I felt worried and anxious about where I was going to be in a year or two years time, and now I have a sense of excitement to go out there and start on my new path.”

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