Ep 99 – Embracing The Unknown

Ep 99 - Embracing The Unknown

Diving into the deep end can be terrifying. But, as Alice Default reveals, all the magic happens when you leap boldly out of your comfort zone. Tune in to hear how Alice transitioned from a career at Microsoft to starting her own company, and how we can all learn to stop fearing the unfamiliar. Alice Default is the co-founder of Double and a 2020 Forbes 30 under 30 listee.

Alice Default

Charting unfamiliar territory can be scary. But often, it’s the only way to get you closer to your dreams. 

No one knows this better than our next guest, Alice Default. 

Growing up across different cities, Alice quickly learnt that it was easier (and way more fun) to just go with the flow. After working for various startups, and becoming a Design Producer at Microsoft, Alice realised that in order to succeed, people (and companies) have to get comfortable with uncertainty. 

And what’s more uncertain than the world of business? 

Along with two of her colleagues, Alice left Microsoft to become the co-founder of Double, a U.S. based remote assistance service for busy CEOs. Since its inception, Double has raised over $6m in seed funding and has worked with over 100 CEOs. 

In this episode, Alice shares how she navigated her global career, how to live life on our own terms, and how we can embrace the unknown.

Street Cred:

Alice Default is the CEO and co-founder of Double, a U.S. based remote assistance service for busy CEOs. To date, Double has raised $6m in seed funding. In 2020, Alice was also honoured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Enterprise Technology List for her incredible work in the productivity space.

Highlight Reel:

How to be comfortable with the unknown [9:50] 

Navigating the early years of her career across the globe [12:58] 

Alice’s transition from Microsoft to building her own company [15:40]

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