Ep 92 – Creating a Life-Changing Product

Ep 92 - Creating a life-changing product

Sometimes, all you need to change the world is a bucket of determination and a really, really good idea. That’s exactly what pushed our next guest to create a life-changing product at just 21 years old. In this episode, Jacqui Savage reveals how she created an innovative medical technology company at the age of 21, how she wrestled with imposter syndrome, and how we can find what we’re passionate about.

Jacqui Savage

As a self-confessed tech head and nerd, Jacqui Savage has never been afraid to question the status quo. While her love for inventing products and problem solving led her to become a design engineer, she always wondered why companies were creating products that added little value to people’s lives. 

When her best friend suddenly passed away from cancer, Jacqui knew she had to use her inventions for good. After learning that hospitals were unable to accurately detect infections in cancer patients, Jacqui set out to design a product that would allow doctors to communicate directly with the patient’s body. 

At 21 years old, Jacqui started MedCorp Technologies, a medical device company that would create a wearable patch that accurately measures core body temperature. This technology is primed to revolutionise the health industry and has even been listed among the Top 100 Global Engineering Innovations by NASA. 

While still running MedCorp, Jacqui also founded Mioplay, an Australian award winning baby product company, supporting the health and development of infants.

In this episode, Jacqui shares her incredible ten year journey of founding not one, but two, revolutionary companies. Along the way, she reveals how she wrestled with imposter syndrome and how she got the confidence to start her business at just 21 years old.

Street Cred:

Jacqui Savage is the founder and CEO of MedCorp Technologies, a Medical device company developing wearable monitoring and diagnostic technologies for the healthcare industry. She is also the founder of Mioplay, an Australian award winning baby product company, supporting the health and development of infants. Jacqui is also the winner of the 2016 Telstra Victorian Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

Highlight Reel:

Jacqui’s advice on figuring out your passion [13:40]

How you can build your core confidence [21:00]

The power of perseverance when building Medcorp Technologies [36:00]

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