Ep 91 – Taking Imperfect Action

Ep 91 - Taking Imperfect Action

If you’ve ever believed that you needed to be perfect in order to start a successful business, this episode is for you. After hitting rock bottom in his high school days, Ali Terai never thought he would be accepted into university, let alone start a successful business. But, through his determination to prove others wrong and a series of imperfect actions later, Ali became the founder of Future Golf and winner of the 2019 Telstra Business Awards. Tune in to hear Ali’s riveting journey, the steps he took to start Future Golf, and his biggest takeaways from his entrepreneurial journey.

Ali Terai

Turns out, it’s not where you start in life, but how you finish that really matters. 

When Ali Terai was in high school, he never imagined that he would be accepted into university or become an award-winning entrepreneur one day. But after hitting rock bottom and receiving an alarming wake-up call, Ali knew he had to do something to change the direction of his life. 

This determination and a willingness to say yes to every opportunity led Ali to become one of the youngest ever senior executives at Monash University and on-track to a leadership course at New York University. It was there that Ali was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. 

Armed with a potential business idea, Ali committed to taking a series of imperfect actions. What started off as a Facebook ad and a series of events that ‘flopped,’ grew into Future Golf, Australia’s fastest growing golf community.

In this episode, Ali shares his riveting journey from rock bottom to becoming an award-winning entrepreneur, the imperfect steps he took to start Future Golf, and the practical takeaways he’s learnt from his entrepreneurial journey.

Street Cred:

Ali Terai is the CEO and founder of Future Golf, which has been named Australia’s fastest growing golf community. Ali is also one of Monash University’s youngest ever senior executives and has undertaken further study at Harvard University, NYU, and Columbia University. In 2019, Ali won the Telstra Business Awards.

Highlight Reel:

How to seek out your next mentor [17:20]

The practical side to following your passion [26:25]

The importance of time management in Future Golf’s early stages [42:30]

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