Ep 75 – Gaming and Entrepreneurship: Target Acquired

Ep 75 - Gaming and Entrepreneurship: Target Acquired

Often the online world gets a dirty laundry pile of bad press when tragedies like cyberbullying and a spike in mental illness come into account. Jeremy Hindle would refute, viewing the internet as the largest opportunity to become part of any community. In this episode, Jeremy reveals his passion for gaming and the power of online communities. Jeremy Hindle is the cofounder of Headstart AI and a 2018 Forbes 30 under 30 listee. 

Jeremy Hindle

After battling numerous bouts of cancer in his childhood, Jeremy Hindle found solace in computer gaming and the online world. Faced with chronic isolation, he found himself enamoured by the way he could create virtual worlds and be part of online communities across the globe. 

This passion for computers led him to run the largest Minecraft community in the world, which boasted over 36,000 weekly users. There, he was inspired by the way a simple game could connect people from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds to increase cultural awareness. 

Despite carrying an impressive Neuroscience degree up his sleeve, Jeremy’s struggles to land a traditional job diverted him onto many paths involving, you guessed it: computers. He ultimately took his frustration with the job application process and cofounded Headstart AI, a service that uses innovative algorithms and user profiling to identify the best candidates for a job. 

In this episode, Jeremy reveals the power of online communities, how we can understand ourselves better, and how his business is helping him make a bigger impact. 

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Jeremy Hindle is a neuroscientist and cofounder of Headstart AI, a service that matches candidates to jobs using innovative algorithms and user profiling. In 2018, Jeremy was honoured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list.

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The impact of computer gaming on Jeremy’s life [7:38]

How Jeremy became enamoured with computer games [22:24]

How we can understand ourselves better [36:49]

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