Ep 31 – How To Bounce Back From Failure

Adrian Osman

Ep 31 – How To Bounce Back From Failure

For many high achievers, failure can feel like an incredibly daunting prospect. Although it’s inevitable to encounter setbacks in life and in business, experiencing failure can lead to feelings of shame and unworthiness. Consequently, the weight of these demoralising emotions can often result in many entrepreneurs giving up on their dreams. However, for millennial entrepreneur Adrian Osman, the setbacks from failing his first five business ventures was actually the launching pad he needed to create his thriving business, Pitchblak.


In this jampacked episode, Adrian delves into the highs and lows of his own startup journey and how it gave him the empathy and inspiration he needed to help other entrepreneurs launch their own ideas. From the importance of a good mentor to avoiding the number one reason startups fail, Adrian provides us with practical strategies and steps to ensure that entrepreneurs will avoid making the same mistakes.


Perhaps the most refreshing thing about Adrian is how he isn’t afraid to own his failures. Instead he’s persistent in his mission to transform the lessons from his setbacks into practical solutions for anyone looking to be successful in the startup world. As a result, he’s now the CEO of Pitchblak, a startup education and advisory company that has helped over 200 startups raise investment for their business and has even been endorsed by Glen Richards from Shark Tank Australia.


For anyone out there that’s wrestling with how to validate their entrepreneurial idea, how to gain investment for their startup or struggling with the aftermath of failure- this one’s for you.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How his childhood as an introvert fuelled Adrian’s creativity [3:00]
  • Why Adrian decided not to pursue University [5:38]
  • How working at a sales agency developed his leadership skills [6:16]
  • How Adrian found his mentor and the early businesses they created [6:55]
  • Where Adrian gets his persistence from [10:54]
  • The importance of finding a mentor to accelerate your learning when getting into entrepreneurship [12:38]
  • How he bounced back from multiple failed businesses in a row [14:12]
  • The number one reason why startups fail [16:30]
  • How to validate your ideas before launching your product [18:11]
  • How the idea for Pitchblak came about [23:54]
  • How they created a sustainable business model that would help a large number of entrepreneurs [28:00]
  • What he’s learnt about young startups since launching Pitchblak [31:00]
  • Adrian’s advice to millennials in their early 20’s [36:50]

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