Ep 29 – Leveraging Your Network

Ep 29 - Leveraging Your Network

Deciding what grinds your gears and what lets your spirit soar are equally as important learnings in defining your mission in life. In this episode, we discover the former as the reason that Will Strange experiences such bountiful success in life and in passion. Will is the successful founder and CEO of Sports Performance Tracking (SPT) ­– a global company that tracks, monitors and measures the physical performance of sub-elite and amateur athletes. 

Will Strange

Throughout your own lifetime, how often have you been asked, what do you want to be when you grow up? Many may still receive that question today. However, it’s not often we consider what we don’t want to do. For Will Strange, answering this question was incredibly crucial to pursuing his success in life and in business.

Although Will attended a prestigious private school that channelled strongly towards university, he knew that tertiary education wasn’t his call. Opting to roam against the grain, he entered the commercial real estate world straight after school, honed his skills in sales and discovered that every no can be turned yes with the right approach.

To grow and scale, he used his network of athletes from playing competitive sports plus the power of LinkedIn, to grow and scale not one, but TWO businesses. Will’s ‘can’t stop, won’t stop’ attitude as well as his constant desire to meet and learn from others, has led him to appear in front of a national audience on Shark Tank Australia and launch a global business.

Street Cred:

Will Strange is the Founder and CEO of Sports Performance Tracking (SPT) ­– a global company that tracks, monitors and measures the physical performance of sub-elite and amateur athletes. This revolutionary technology is now being used in over one hundred countries across all 7 continents, striving to be the leader in wearable sporting technology and analytics. He was also a contestant on Shark Tank and won an investment for his subscription- based business, Three65 Underwear.

Highlight Reel:

How Will started his first business in Year 10 selling soft drinks [3:40]

How Will used sports as an outlet for his competitive nature and how it’s shaped his drive and ambition [4:55]

His thoughts around University and how important it is to define what you don’t want to do [7:28]

How being thrown in the deep end in commercial real estate taught him how to turn No’s into Yes’ [8:20]

His moment of clarity that he belonged in Sales [9:27]

How there is no black and white path in life and everything is a learning opportunity [11:23]

How he tackled the intimidation of being thrown into the deep end and how it’s shaped his path now [14:30]

The early challenges of his first business Three65 Underwear [17:08]

His biggest hurdle in business and his advice on networking [19:46]

How he transitioned from Three65 Underwear into his current business, SPT [21:09]

Early challenges of building SPT and how he pushed through [25:14]

The common thread in every successful person [32:00]

The importance of pursuing passion [34:00]

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