Ep 199 – The Founder of Naija Comm on Seeking Representation

Ep 199 - The Founder of Naija Comm on Seeking Representation

While many people believe entrepreneurship is all bright lights, networking events, and Forbes 30 Under 30 lists, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Although only in her early twenties, Eno Oduok has already discovered that entrepreneurship is a marathon – not a sprint. In this episode, the CEO of Naija Comm, an online space that’s showcasing Nigerian creatives, shares her advice for forging your own path, the importance of representation, and why not being a doctor or lawyer doesn’t make you a disappointment. 

Eno Oduok:

For many people of colour in tight-knit communities, there is one of three career pathways: doctor, lawyer, or engineer. But what if you want to change the world in your own way? 

This was true for Eno Oduok, a first generation Nigerian-American who couldn’t see any Nigerian representation in the communications field. Rather than following her peers, Eno forged her own path and created Naija Comm, an online space that’s dedicated to spotlighting Nigerian professionals in creative industries. 

In this episode, Eno shares why representation is so important, what her family thinks of her path, and what it’s like being a CEO at just 22 years old.

Street Cred:

Eno Oduok is the CEO of Naija Comm and a first generation Nigerian-American combating the stigmas surrounding what she says her community considers “non-traditional” careers. Naija Comm is the first online space catered to Nigerian professionals in creative industries including media and entertainment. Eno helps spotlight accomplished Nigerians, such as recent Grammy nominees Burna Boy and Tems, holds virtual networking events, posts job opportunities, shares newsletters, and has recently worked with HBO. Eno is also a Forbes 30 Under 30 listee.

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