Ep 175 – When Boredom Leads to Brilliance

Ep 175 - When Boredom Leads to Brilliance

When was the last time you rested, peers? Not just scrolling-Instagram-rested but properly rested?

After studying for years to become a lawyer, working in corporate, and then launching her own business, Anita Siek was left feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. But, by discovering the power of proper rest, the Founder & Director of Wordfetti became her best self.

In this high-energy episode of Peers2Peers, powered by Shopify, Anita shares why everyone wins when you take a break, how to find the spark that gets you up in the morning and why we should all be following our joy.

Anita Siek:

Like many children of immigrant parents, Anita Siek was expected to get a good education before becoming a doctor or lawyer. And so, Anita followed suit. She worked hard to become an admitted lawyer in the Supreme Court of Queensland at a young age. But after the passing of her father, Anita was left questioning what it was all for.

In today’s Peers2Peers episode, powered by Shopify, we speak with the Founder & Director of brand and copy strategist company, Wordfetti to discuss why boredom can lead to brilliance, how our childhoods impact our work ethic and dealing with familial expectations.

Street Cred:

Anita Siek is a former lawyer turned word extraordinaire. She is the Founder & Director of Wordfetti, a brand and copy strategy business based in Brisbane, Australia. Anita’s work has been featured on Forbes, University of Queensland, Thrive Global and more. She holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Social and Cognitive Psychology (with Honours) and is an admitted lawyer in the Supreme Court of Queensland.

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