Ep 147 – Gut Feelings Are Good Enough

Ep 147 - Gut Feelings Are Good Enough

Today’s guest, Zaure Rozmat is the CEO of Kazakhstani media startup The Steppe, a media outlet with a focus on education, technology and cultural economics, without the gossip, tabloids and clickbait. 

As a self-described risk-taker, Zaure’s pathway to entrepreneurship isn’t unexpected, but what she’s created with The Steppe is. In this episode, Zaure shares how motherhood inspired her business journey, the importance of creating a trusted voice for the young, and how to navigate career burnout.

Zaure Rozmat:

News media outlets have become caught in an internet rip. Between billionaires buying up space  to Zuckerberg robots, finding trusted voices to deliver the news has never been more trite. But all the way over in  Kazakhstan, something seems to be changing.

As a new mother, Zaure Rozmat spent  much of her time looking ahead to the kind of future her son might have, but it wasn’t before long that the pressures surrounding the one they currently lived in began to rise. Wanting to give her son a safe space to learn about the world without interference from corrupt powers, Zaure began to surf the internet for a trusted source. When her search led nowhere, she created a new source entirely.

Since 2016, The Steppe has been providing the news without the  gossip, tabloids and clickbait. In today’s episode, Zaure discusses the importance of future-lead brands, how to get comfortable with uncertainty, and ways to build support and community.

Street Cred:

Zaure Rozmat is the CEO of Kazakhstani media startup The Steppe, founded in 2016. Her goal has always been to focus on education, technology, cultural economics and tourism, while avoiding gossip, tabloids and clickbait. The Steppe was one of the first media outlets to utilize native advertising in Kazakhstan, and has successfully partnered with both Kazakhstani and international brands.

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