Ep 140 – Venturing Out

Ep 140 - Venturing Out

Sarah Chen is a venture capital aficionado who can drop a six-figure dollar amount into Excel and mean it. 

As the Co-founder of The Billion Dollar Fund for Women, Sarah is working to mobilise $1 billion dollars of funding into female-founded companies. In today’s episode, she’s telling us how.

In this ep, we also cover accidental feminism, the importance of critical thinking and how to build a community to help you achieve your goals.

Sarah Chen

Sarah Chen’s career spans across venture capital (VC) and innovation between Asia and the US. As the Co-founder of The Billion Dollar Fund for Women, Sarah’s professional ambition is uncompromising: to mobilise $1 billion dollars in funding to female-founded companies. 

Her personal mission is to do it loudly.

Sarah was aware from a young age of the gender disparity between boys and girls. As the daughter of liberal Mayalsian parents, she saw the ways other households encouraged a boy’s success, while denoting a woman’s, all for the name of tradition. 

These outdated gender biases aren’t limited to a singular culture, it exists within the one we all live in today. 

These ideals aren’t extinct, but they have expired, which is why Sarah created opportunities for women to reduce the space separating men from women by providing female-founded businesses the thing they need to get started: opportunity.

In this heartwarming interview, Sarah reflects on her cultural identity. Why the media misplaces a woman’s ambition as aggression. And how we can build communities around us that enable us to achieve our goals.

Street Cred:

Named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, Sarah Chen’s career spans across venture capital (VC) and innovation, in Asia and the US. She is Co-Founder of The Billion Dollar Fund for Women, a global consortium of venture funds working to tackle the gender funding gap female founders face by mobilising $1 billion dollars in funding into companies founded by women.

She is a member of  Forbes 30 Under 30 and a recognised speaker and adviser on VC/innovation and women in leadership, having been featured among others on the Wall Street Journal, and at the United Nations.

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