Ep 114 – Don’t Try, Just Start

Ep 114 - Don’t Try, Just Start

Technology is a tumultuous terrain for those of us who aren’t comfortable trekking it. For an outsider, it seems loud and complicated but exclusive: a place only a few can talk their ways into. Lubo Smid loved computer science as a kid. For him, the notion of tech was simple because it was synonymous with contentment. As the Co-founder and CEO at STRV, a software design and engineering company. Based in the U.S & Prague, Lubo moves between start-ups and global brands, breaking systems to create new digital solutions but in his eyes, it’s doing what he loves. In this episode, Lubo streamlines our misconceptions around tech, reminding us that good people, hard work and opportunistic mindsets are the root of success. 

Lubo Smid

Technology tends to divide us into two camps: the tech-geeks and the rest of civilization. For anyone outside the tech-sphere, life inside seems like a confusing, complicated and exclusive space we’re unsure how to approach and even more unsure if we’ll ever truly understand it.  

That’s exactly where Lubo Smid comes in: to clarify the convoluted.

As the Co-founder and CEO at STRV, a software design and engineering company, Lubo works across fortune-500 start-ups and global brands to create digital solutions that reinvigorate a fatigued market and get even the least tech-minded of us excited about the power of digital.

In this episode, Lubo discusses the simplicity of doing good business, the challenges of Covid-19 for businesses and the importance of maintaining a sense of calm at work.

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Lubo Smid is the Co-founder and CEO of STRV, a software design and engineering company that develops digital products for some of Silicon Valley’s biggest startups alongside other well-established global brands. With a startup-minded vision, Lubo’s career has seen him recognised by Forbes 30 Under 30 & Forbes Technology Council.

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