Ep 21 – Bobby Oparaocha & Michael Husky-Nguyen

Creating something that fuels change

Ep 21 – Bobby Oparaocha & Michael Husky-Nguyen

bobby-oparaocha-michael-huskynguyenHave you ever felt like you had to follow the path your parents had paved out for you? That following your dreams and doing something unconventional was not a viable option? I bet many of you have.

When it comes to pursuing your passion and doing what you genuinely care about, there are a multitude of reasons that many of us don’t consider this a viable career option. Our parents are often a large part of that.

We love our parents but as much as we can say defiantly that their opinion does not matter, their parenting and their belief system can have a huge impact on how we choose to live our lives.

This week’s guests were born to migrant parents and, like many of us, were told taught to work hard and pursue a conventional career that would provide financial security.

Both Bobby & Michael chose to go against the traditional and pave their own paths, instead pursuing something that they genuinely care about.

Bobby Oparaocha & Michael Husky-Nguyen are the co-founders of Valyou Xchange – the World’s First Decentralised Stock Market for Musicians.

As a Melbourne-based blockchain music startup, Valyou Xchange is disrupting the way in which the music business connects and interacts with fans. The startup’s CEO, Bobby, is a well-known rapper with a globally influenced experience having lived in Africa, America and Australia. He previously founded Atlantic Money Group music label, a multi-branded venture in entertainment.

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